Building Muscle on a Budget – High Protein Hacks and Other Tricks

Building muscle isn’t cheap. You’d think it would be. In fact, you’d probably expect it to be free. It’s already your body after all!

But the reality is that it is expensive. Like, really expensive.

First you have the cost of going to the gym. For most people that’s going to be anywhere from $30-$100 per month.
Then you have the cost of protein shake. A big tub of protein shake will cost you $30-$50 and will usually last around two weeks.

Then there are the other supplements. These include things like creatine, like pre-workouts, like BCAAs… you name it.

And even just eating the right amount of protein is going to be hard work. Over time, it all adds up and you’re looking at hundreds of dollars a month just to pack on muscle! Who can afford that these days?

Fortunately, there are ways around these problems. Let’s take a look at some smart money-saving strategies that will

help you to get stronger for less.

The Cheapest Sources of High Protein

Let’s start with the cheapest sources of protein.

Surprisingly, one of the cheapest ways to get your protein is actually protein shake. Sorry to say but the easily-stored nature of protein shake along with the fact that you are buying in bulk (or BULK) means that you save money here compared with eating meat.

BUT there are ways and ways to get your cheap protein shake. The key is to avoid the all-in-one-supplements from the big-name brands. These are super expensive. Instead, look for online sources of protein to save some money and then choose the ones that have no extras and are pure whey.

Meanwhile, you can bulk up your diet with a few more cheap options. One is to eat canned tuna. Not the expensive branded stuff but the cheap ‘flakes’ that come without the ring pull. While you’re at it, you can buy in large quantities in order to make even bigger servings.

Some other surprising options can also help you to bulk up on the cheap. These include ground beef, milk and cottage cheese. These options aren’t particularly lean but when you’re on a bulk, you’re golden.

Some More Muscle Building, Money Saving Strategies

How else can you save money working out?

The obvious option for the gym is to consider working out from home. You’d be surprised how much you can get done with just a pair of adjustable dumbbells and perhaps a folding bench. Even using calisthenics can build some

serious muscle if you know how to go about it!

Another tip is to make friends with your local butcher. Most butchers will have a fair amount of waste meat at the end of a day and often they’ll sell that on for cheap.

Finally, try and save money other ways. If you’re eating a high protein diet, then you may be eating a lower carb diet at the same time. You can thus save money by looking at some of your other regulars to cut out. Think of this in terms of swapping items in your diet rather than adding them!