Bigger Bicep Curls Hack

Want bigger biceps? What man doesn’t? Every guy wants bigger arms, and every woman loves staring a big arms (well that may be a bit of a generalization). Either way, here’s a few tips to get rapid growth.

Biceps are one the the most prominent muscle groups, and nothing feels like a great workout like leaving the gym with soar arms. Big arms are easy to be proud of, and it’s easy to show of set of big biceps.

They not only represent strength, but they come in too handy when you need them. The bicep muscles are a very functional muscle group… making them worth building and focusing on.

If every male wants big arm, and every female loves looking at big arm, how do you get them? What’s the secret to building massive biceps that are built to impress?

Build Bigger Biceps With These Workout Hacks


Here’s how to develop massive strength in your arms that can lift a car.

First, you want to use a variety of exercises so you hit different parts of your bicep muscle. Essentially, without getting too technical, you want to perform exercises that hit the muscle at different angles. That way you put maximum load on different parts of the muscle.

In some cases you don’t have to actually change the exercise itself. A shift in the grip alone can make a big difference, and you’ll feel it too if you’re used to doing a barbell curl a certain way, for example.

So here’s a few tweaks to your strength training you can try the next time you hit the gym…

Offset Grip Dumbbell Curl

I’m sure you’re familiar with the classic dumbbell curl. What you’re going to do here is exactly the same exercise with one slight change. Change your grip so that your grip is as far to one of the ends of the dumbbell as possible (as illustrated in the image).

Remember when doing this to keep your palm facing forward through then entire motion of the curl. This will force the weight to target a different area of the bicep brachii and cause it to work harder.

Pump Up the Volume

The more you do, the more you’ll grow. If you’re working your arms once a week, then try mixing it up by adding more sets or more reps. Hit those biceps a couple times a week and see what kind of changes that results in.

The key here is to measure your progress with the changes you make. Know the size of your arms, make an adjustment to your routine, and keep track of the changes. But don’t make too many changes to your workout all at once or you won’t be able to easily identify exactly what it is that caused the improvement in muscle gain and strength.

Work the Pulling Strength

Everyone goes straight to the curls when working their arms. What people often don’t realize is that your arms are heavily involved in almost any pulling activity. Here’s a few pulling exercises that will focus on strength, which will ultimately lead to the hacking your way to bigger biceps…

  1. Standing Barbell Row
  2. Weighted Underhand Grip pull ups
  3. Seated Row Machine
  4. Underhand Grip Lateral Pulldown
  5. Wide Grip Pull Ups

Most importantly of all…

In everything you do that relates to strength and fitness results, the best results are going to come from your diet. If you can combine a great workout regiment like the ones we share here with a solid diet, it’s hard not to get results. Remember, you’re only cheating yourself.


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