These 5 Forearm Exercises Produce a Vice-Like Grip

There are some muscles that people pay a lot of attention to and then there are others that tend to get ignored.

For example, everyone seems to want abs but very few people put the same thought and care into creating forearms. It’s easy to see why: abs are often considered to be ‘sexy’ muscles and they’re the muscles we see flaunted most often on the covers of magazines. Everyone wants a mid-section like the celebrities!

Forearms on the other hand aren’t exactly sexy. They’re easy to display sure, but you rarely hear of them topping those ‘top bodyparts’ lists.

This is a mistake. Your forearms may not look all that exciting but they play a crucial role when it comes to your performance. Forearms are of course used for gripping and this in turn gives them a lot of practical function. Strong forearms are incredibly useful in martial arts and rock climbing but they also come in handy when you’re opening a jar or even moving furniture.

Moreover, weak forearms might just be what’s holding you back in the gym. The better you can grip onto a barbell or dumbbell, the stronger your lifts will be! And seeing as this will help you to get the abs you’re looking for, it’s important not to leave them out.

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at some powerful and effective methods for getting super-strong forearms.

Top Exercises for Forearms

Underhand Wrist Curls

Hold a dumbbell in one or both hands and then find a way to support your forearm. You can do this with your spare hand, or you can do it by resting the lower portion of your arm on a weights bench while keeping it parallel to the floor. The palm should be facing up. Now you’re going to let the wrist relax so that the weight hangs back, before you curl the weight upward and toward your body using only your hand.

Overhand Wrist Curls

This is the precise same movement, only using the opposite grip so that your palm faces the ground. While the underhand movement trains the forearm extensors, this focusses on the flexors.

Twisting Curls

Twisting curls involve bringing the dumbbells up and twisting the weights from an underhand grip to a hammer grip. Doing this involves the pronator teres and supinator muscles, which give you the ability to twist your lower arm.

Towel Pull Ups

Get a towel and hang it over a bar and then use it to perform pull ups with a neutral grip. Doing this forces you to grip on tighter and thus strengthens the grip. It also toughens your hand. You can also do something similar by using cable rows and gripping onto the cable directly.

Wide Bar Curls

Not wide grip but wide bar. In other words, look for a bar bell that has a wider bar, thus forcing you to use more grip to hold onto it. Alternatively, you can try wrapping a towel around the bar thus giving yourself something even wider to grip onto.