25 Incredible Things Bananas Will Do For Muscle Gain and Health

There are tons of trendy superfoods around but not all of them need to be exotic and colourful. Sometimes the classics are the best and this is certainly true of the humble banana. Bananas are packed with goodness and there are countless important reasons to eat them. Here are 25 to get you started…

1 Carbs
Bananas are a source of healthy carbs and can boost energy levels for workouts.

2 Potassium
Bananas will combat cramps thanks to their potassium content.

3 Digestion
Bananas are a good choice of natural remedy for indigestion and will work as natural antacids.

4 Diarrhea
Likewise, bananas are useful for adding stodge to your stool, treating the runs!

5 Increased Mood
Bananas are high in dopamine, though this won’t cross the blood brain barrier. What will, is the tryptophan.

6 Sleep
That tryptophan is converted to serotonin to boost your mood, and in turn that is converted to melatonin to help you sleep.

7 Energy
It’s not just the sugar in bananas that make them useful for energy. They’re also high in B vitamins, which help the body utilize said carbs.

8 Brain Function
Increased potassium and B vitamins may boost your brain function too.

9 Stomach Ulcers
If you have stomach ulcers, then the antacid and soft banana can coat them to reduce the discomfort.

10 Prebiotic
Bananas are prebiotic, meaning they support the healthy gut flora in your stomach. Eat with yogurt for maximum benefit.

11 Reduce Inflammation
Bananas are anti-inflammatory, which can be useful for a wide range of conditions.

12 Diabetes
Bananas can help prevent and manage diabetes by regulating blood sugar, speak with your doctor.

13 Low Cal
Bananas are relatively low in calories, packing just 110 for a 30 gram banana.

14 Fat Free
Bananas are naturally fat free.

15 Cholesterol Free
If you are avoiding cholesterol in your diet, then you can still go wild on bananas!

16 Salt Free
On top of all that, bananas are also free from salt.

17 Vitamin C
Bananas are a great source of vitamin C, which further enhances the mood and strengthens the immune system.

18 Biotin
Bananas are a good source of biotin. Great for bodybuilders that eat lots of raw eggs, which are known to potentially cause biotin deficiency.

19 Manganese
Want more nutrition from your banana? They’re high in manganese too!

20 Fiber
Bananas are a great source of fiber.

21 Heat Health
The high fiber, combined with the anti-inflammatory properties make bananas a useful choice for supporting heart health.

22 Protein
They won’t rival eggs or shakes, but bananas contain a gram of protein too!

23 Taste
Bananas taste absolutely great. That alone should be enough reason to eat them!

24 Versatility
Bananas are easily among the most versatile foods. They can be used as a ‘base’ in your smoothie to give it a creamy texture, they can be chopped onto cereal or they can be enjoyed as a dessert.

25 Convenience
Finally, bananas are incredibly convenient to eat – no cutlery and no mess!